Old-school preschool chiropractic lesson

Old-school preschool chiropractic lesson

old school preschool chiropractic lesson

As soon as I walked into the room, I felt better already.

When my older son went to pre-school, he went to this 'old school' kind of school.

Not ‘old-school’ in the way that they were mean and hit knuckles with rulers. Nothing like that.

What they were old school in, was that you had to hear about them through the grapevine.

They didn't have a website. Or almost any web presence at all.

They just had been around a long time.

People knew them from the community, knew they took good care of kids, and things just went from there.

But a funny thing would happen with this pre-school.

I had my schedule so that I could have my kids with me at lunch, and we would go out to playgrounds and be outside.

And I would overhear these conversations from other parents at the playgrounds, trying to figure out what the deal was with my kids’ pre-school.

What it was, how it worked, what did they know about it, etc etc.

It was like this cool underground thing, that you could only learn about from someone that already knew about it and had been there.

So different from how everything works today, where you just jump online and think you know everything about everything right off the bat.

And chiropractic can be a little funny like that, too.

Every office can seem so different.

Different doctors, procedures, the adjustments, everything can be very different.

But I've noticed one thing.

That patients that seek out Gonstead chiropractic care because they are looking for a Gonstead chiropractor, get this specific look when they walk in the room.

This look like, they feel better just walking into the room.

Because they know that the room looks the same, with the same tables, the same process, etc.

There is just a familiarity with what they had before. And to what they were looking for.

So it is funny to think that a patient might feel better the minute they walk into the room, but it wouldn't be the first time I've been told that,

"The second I walked into the room, I felt better already."

Because of reasons like - they found what they were looking for.

Or they found something like what had worked for them in the past.

Or they had found what seemed familiar. Or for them, maybe it just made the most sense.

And because it is a look that is not always easy to find - sometimes you even have to hear about it through the grapevine.

So feel free to pass on the news, if someone is looking for a specific type of chiropractic, they can go here, and find more about a place that looks familiar to what they were looking for:


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