Time Spent is Time Earned

Time Spent is Time Earned


Information is powerful, and has the capacity to substantially change who we are and how we live.

Let me give you a quick example.

One of the true leaders of the chiropractic profession, in his heyday some 50-odd years ago, was a man by the name of Dr. Clarence Gonstead.  He was a man who wasn’t afraid to do things his own way.

He wasn’t simply a contrarian by any means.  No, he used most of the best tools available anywhere at that time.  

But he also knew what he wanted to do - get great results with patients through chiropractic care.

So he spent more time than anyone figuring out how chiropractic best worked for him.

And what he ended up with was a very specific system that is still used today, by chiropractors around the globe. Even today, more than 40 years after his death.

Maybe a few hundreds total, that really use his whole system the way he intended.

While he made use of the best technology of the day, he also wasn’t afraid to make a few waves of his own, about what he thought was the best way to get things done.

In fact, he was likely the most influential figure in the middle-1900s in chiropractic, influencing the profession to go back to its ‘full spine’ roots, a time when much of the profession had limited itself to the very top part of the neck only.

The reasoning for this was based on his experience.  

You see, anyone who has studied his work knows that one thing he did was work longer and harder than anyone.  

By one estimate, he may have spent nearly a quarter million hours practicing chiropractic.

That’s almost as long as maybe anyone has done anything, let alone a chiropractor, in the amount of total time studying and engaged in one particular topic.

So he had a lot of personal experience.  And his ideas were based on the results of what he saw with his own eyes.

Very different than today, when so many of our ideas end up coming from simply what we read on the internet.  

Or what we have read in “studies,” (or, in most such cases, a news story about a research study).

After such extensive study and learning, this is what Dr. Gonstead said about his personal experience with chiropractic.

First—“Spend all the time necessary to carefully and precisely find and correct a patient’s problem. Do not be in a hurry. Check and recheck your x-ray, your palpation, instrumentation, motion palpation, and visualization.”

Second—“Remember that Chiropractic always works. When it does not seem to, examine your application, but do not question the principle.”

Third—“Be prepared when demand for Chiropractic care increases. Study the spinal column and the nervous system every chance you get.”

“Our future will be our results.”

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