Why Some Chiropractors Are Like Jedis in Training

Why Some Chiropractors Are Like Jedis in Training


Star Wars is still going strong, 40 years after ‘The Force’ was introduced. The movie trilogy introduced this mysterious power, as well as its dedicated practitioners.

A power for Good.

A power that, for better or worse, was hard to find. Only reclusive, older practitioners of immense experience and training knew of it.

What many people may not have an inkling of, is that there are still people today that seek out the old masters, just as feverishly as Young Luke was trying to get off Tatooine.

In the movie, Luke knew he could make a difference in the battle of Good and Evil and wanted a part in the epic adventure occurring in far-off worlds. He just needed to find himself a master of that rumored art (was it even real? Not likely, at least according to Han Solo).

Nevertheless, there are those that seek out old knowledge. And like Luke, they are believers. Believers that hard work and mastering the ways of the past will give them the ability to improve over time.

And what they sought was those with experience. From chiropractors, like Dr. Clarence Gonstead himself, that trained and studied and practiced, deep into the night, week after week, decade after decade, until other doctors sought him out to solve their own health problems.

And to be an expert guide to help them face their challenges and unlock the hidden keys that would give them the power to solve their greatest difficulties.

The sad thing is, just for like a generation of Gen X’ers who watched Yoda softly vanish into the great beyond, Dr. Gonstead is no longer with us. He left the basics of his teachings in written format, but the whispers of important tidbits hidden away in his brain keep his modern-day practitioners searching for long-lost knowledge and working to master their craft.

And the generation of trainees that trained and worked with intense deliberation to learn his system and faithfully implement it decades ago, are often the ones looked to for insight on what those teachings were.

Thing is, they themselves are often moving on into their own ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ phase, and are not always easy to find.

But the knowledge they gained working at the side of a healing force that was hard to understand is highly prized, and sought after. Rumors of ‘old Uncle Ben’ living a now quieter life in the distant mountains have the current generation of practitioners seeking out the nuggets of wisdom from the past to apply what took Dr. Gonstead decades of near-constant study and application to obtain.

So, like Jedis, there are chiropractors that value the wisdom of the past, and the time-honored rigorous dedication to learn them, and search for hidden pockets of hard-training veterans of wars of days gone by.

And for them, the teachings of Dr. Gonstead from long, long ago, are worth the many trials and efforts to keep seeking in their quest to do battle with the forces of harm and bring more light to their little Galaxy of patients.

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