Results Are What Count

Results Are What Count


This was the title of a newspaper ad that ran in 1973.  

It was in a trade publication for chiropractors, publicizing the Gonstead Chiropractic Seminars.

A very different kind of ad than one can find in the trade publications of today.

The chiropractic work of Dr. Clarence Gonstead was developed during the 50+ years of his career, where he became well-known as the chiropractor to send patients to when results were difficult to come by.  

Not only did he have an extraordinarily busy and long career, he was also extremely diligent about his work - and about finding the distinctions in the process that produced results for patients.  

According to Gonstead,

"The successful practice of chiropractic is no simple task; it is an exact science with specific rules that must be applied carefully and consistently to make it work."

And it was through this careful and diligent application of chiropractic over decades that led Dr. Gonstead to the belief in the tremendous potential of chiropractic to create results.  

"Although the potential is limitless, chiropractic serves little value without a systematic approach to every patient's spine."

He operated knowing his results were directly related to the success of the process of determining how to correct the patient's problem.

"A complete method calls for competent adjusting procedures, detailed x-ray analysis, up-to-date adjusting and x-ray equipment, routine instrumentation, and conscientious case management based on facts and experience."

Thanks go to Matthew Amman, DC's Gonstead - the Adjustor for the re-publication of the original document and quotations.

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